Freshwater Pearls

Unlike the saltwater culture pearls that are derived from oysters, freshwater pearls are created from using mussels.  Innovation and years of perfecting the art of cultivating freshwater pearls have now come to fruit.  Freshwater pearls are now one of the most exciting and playful areas in the industry.  The beautiful colors and shapes allow designers to be whimsical and playful with their designs and yet maintain the elegance of a pearl.  While there are many enhanced color pearls on the market today, all of our freshwater pearl products at Hikari are natural colored pearls and are of the finest quality.








N. Lights

Milky Way



Text Box: FW-CFWPT
White “Petal” Freshwater Pearl with Mystic Pink Topaz Necklace

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Text Box: FW-C1
Bronze Petal Shaped Freshwater Pearl Strand

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Text Box: FW-COINP1
“Coin” Shape Freshwater Pearl Necklace

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Text Box: FW11W3
“Gem” Quality White Freshwater Pearl Strand & Earrings

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Text Box: FW-7M & FW-7MB
Multicolor Freshwater Pearl Strand & Bracelet

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Text Box: FW-8CH-33
Chocolate Color Enhanced Pearl Strand

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